Was this wrong of me to say?

So me and my boyfriend had an argument. Every time we argue he threatens to break up with me, or ignores me for days, and everything seems to be on his terms, even when i've done nothing wrong.

This time he chose to ignore me for 3 days and then sent me a message saying: if i had replied yesterday... and it was full of him shouting at me and threatening to end things, saying we need to think about what we can realistically achieve and whether it's in our best interest to stay together.
He then sent another message immediately after, saying if i were to reply today: we all make mistakes etc. and it was a softer and sweeter message.

I was honestly really upset over him sending that first message if he didn't mean it. I replied and asked him if it was really necessary to send that message. I said it as softly as possible but said that if he really wants me to stay then he shouldn't keep threatening to end things between us.

This is the first time i've implied that i'll call his bluff if he keeps threatening to end things. Was this the wrong thing to do? I just honestly have no idea why you would keep threatening to end things if you really care for someone.
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  • Dude... Why are you even with him... The guy steps on you, and threatens you to leave you if you don't agree with his ass? Wtf I wrong with him? He must be some kind of lever 99 stupid... Anyway your life not mine lol. I think you should have been long gone, away from him or people like him. So

    • Agree with Disrev. Don't let him walk all over you!

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    • Yeah. I'm glad that there's guys who know how to treat a girl

    • Well yeah that shouldn't even be something that would surprise someone lol "oh look a fairly decent human being, haven't seen one of those in a while" lmao

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