Should I ask her out?

On my way home from college I see a very pretty girl almost everyday, and I'm started to feel that I'm very attracted to her, but I have no idea as in how to approach and start up a conversation with a girl on street, there are so many people on that Street everyday which makes me nervous, help me with some tips please.. tia


What Girls Said 1

  • Go up to her and say "i've seen you a couple of times and think you're very attractive, want to go out sometime?"

    • sounds really great, but does it seem way too straightforward? or am I just being a pessimist over here?

    • Just do it, if you dont you might regret it :B worst thing that can happen is her saying no :)

    • ya I'll do it, thanks for the help :)

What Guys Said 1

  • I didn't bother reading, yes ask her out. We're all just looking for that special someone, and you'd much rather be shot down than never know. Trust me.

    • can u please read out and help me with the problem

    • Just walk over and say hi. Most people aren't against a little social interaction. Say "Hey, I'm zeee4real. I see we've been walking the same way a couple of times now. You coming from the college?" Then she'll probably say Hi, I'm whatever and then either yes or no.

    • wow that's actually amazing, thanks a lot

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