What should I do with that guy?

OK I have that friend since last year well he was in a relationship and was fooling around with girls, we became really good friends and I was always requesting him to stop fooling around and to be faithful but he would never listen. Though he would always come to me and tell me about his flings and when he cheated on his girlfriend I am like a "confession box" to him well I didn't mind as we were really close friends. Now I am an international student and he is local and we used to live in the same building it started troubling me when he came to my room and slept naked but would never even dare to touch me. One year has passed and now he is single but moved away from the building we meet each other at least once a week or in two weeks and he would still crash with me however what's changed now is that he sleeps fully clothed still doesn't do anything but gradually stopped talking about random girls and wants to know more about me and what I like in a guy. He would always be caring, he would listen to me and tell me what he thinks about it. I have developed feelings for that guy and according to my whole surrounding he always had feeling for me too it is obvious for both of us. So we talked it through and he said he cared as a friend but if he wanted to settle down he would consider me as a girlfriend, but doesn't want a relationship right now. So what should I do? I know having feelings for a best friend screws it up so should I still be friends with him or just run away from him?


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  • In my opinion, honestly, I say RUN, RUN as fast as you can. I personally wouldn't feel he's trustworthy at all.

    Now that he's single, he's targeting you to be the next woman he cheats on. He saw that you were a true friend who let him ramble about his flings and so he thinks you'll allow it also in a relationship. I was in a FWB relationship with a guy who sounds so much like this guy. I was the comfy pal who he could always talk to and I would try and talk him out of cheating on his girlfriend at the time(before he and I began our FWB relationship) Then he lured me in and we began messing around. I tried so many times to break it off with him but he had me weak for him. I told him I just want to be friends and he agreed. Then 2 days later, we're back at messing around. It's a vicious cycle to be in.

    That's my opinion, someone else may have a better opinion than I do.

    Best wishes!