Is this weird and creepy?

OK so this guy I've talked to for a LONG time

and he asked me out once and I'm pretty sure we hit of very well but right now he is very busy with school exams and I talked to him on Friday and he asked me out again and the thing is that I really want to kiss him and yea have a relationship with him..and is it weird that I really think about it a about kissing him and making out with him? or is it to much knowing that I've only been on one date ...


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  • What ur feeling is called "lust", but don't worry, it simply means that he is attractive to you. He is ur type, so go for it, and hope for the best! This perfectly normal, so good luck!

  • its a good sign.. its just your brain telling you that you really like this guy and that your into him... :) enjoy the feeling.. and keep it as long as you can... sadly.. without work this feeling goes away!

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