Is this a legitimate reason to like someone more than friends?

I've been speaking to this guy that I met through mutual friends and we have been speaking everyday. I was asking him why he uses humour to avoid certain things and from there went really deep. I told him he was good looking but didn't believe me and thought I was joking, but I wasn't. Now his really keen on me; messages me sweet things, good morning/night texts, his already given me a pet name!

So guess my question is it legitimate to like someone a lot just because they like how you look? They like something you hate about yourself? (This guy was bullied for his looks and is still alittle insecure about it)


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  • No, it is a terrible reason to really like someone. It feels good to know what they think, but that's all it is, a good feeling. My sense is that he is in a hurry because of the things he does after finding out you think he is good looking. He does sound insecure and once he knew what you thought, that was his opening to jump in. I'd be careful with him. If you start and then break up with him, he will be hurt big time.

    • I know thats what Im worried about. I do like him but Ill let him figure out for himself if we are compatible. at least then he can be the one to break things off and Im the one getting hurt. I can deal with it but he can't

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    • Having an old soul doesn't get you many friends these days. Quite difficult since nobody can relate or understand your way of thinking

    • You are so right. Remember that if these people don't want to be friends because of you have an old soul, you didn't want them anyway. Also, the youth of today is so out of reality, this doesn't surprise me. Old souls just don't work very well in the politically correct world they live in. I'm old fashioned as well and it did cause issues over the years when it came to women. You are the type of women I go for. They are the only ones who make sense.

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  • It is. People love it when other people admire them, especially when someone they weren't expecting that kind of attention from. It makes them view the other person in a more attractive light as well.

    • True. but I dont think he knows if were compatible or not. I mean we both care big and we both joke around a lot heaps, we can banter until the cows come home.

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