How to not get anxiety over my broken phone?

Supposed to see my boyfriend of five months today but my phone is completely shot. I feel very anxious about it and feel like I'm going to go in a panic. Some questions in my head are, what if he doesn't see me? what if he leaves before i get to him? and so much more. what can I do to calm my nerves.. I WILL call him before i leave


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  • I'd give you one of my Androids to use i have plenty here. I live on East Coast of the United States. The only thing i don't want someone underage whose parent
    would come back on me cause that is called Contribution to a Minor no one
    knows how ones parents can be.


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  • relax. everything will be okay


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  • Lady breath... lol
    If he's really you boyfriend he won't be going anywhere until you show up... or rather he would come to pick you up

    • Your right, I just get pretty nervous about these kinds of things

    • Yea lol. just make you tell him all this before you leave so he knows to wait for you no matter what because no matter what you are coming to meet him :)

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  • He'll find you, don't worry. Why wouldn't he? :)

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