Why does a guy seem totally interested then sudden he acts like he's not?

We were texting and flirting this past week. We both admitted each other were cute and attractive. We joked about getting 40 rescue dogs and a beach house in our future. He owns his own buisness so he's his own boss/employs three other men. I would say "Oh do you want me to stop distracting/Texting you? " and he would say "no! You don't have to " am I would say "ok I don't want to distract you " cause he's running around working! He said "your a little distracting ;) " cause I said I thought I was distracting him.

anyway it's now the weekend and he hasn't texted or tried to text me first. During the week he texted first a few times. Also I have him on Snapchat so obviously I can see what he's doing and doesn't like his shop open on weekends.

im confused wether he's still into me


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  • relax, take a deep breath, and stop over a analyzing the situation. It one weekend, he may be just having fun/relaxing and doesn't want to text. If the same thing happens next week, you talk a weekday and then the weekend he cold, I would say he really not Interested and is just flirting


What Girls Said 1

  • Probably because he might have other options available.


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