Ready for him but don't want to tell him?

I've been dating this guy for... going on three months. We agreed we don't want to sleep together early. Thing is, now I want it so bad. I want him. We've done everything but full on sex like i've pleased him and vice versa. I love sucking him. I love his intelligence and i'm very sexually attracted to him and now I just want him to f*** me senseless and I don't want to be the one to say it first want it to just happen but now i'm so incredibly hot for him I just want him to give it to me.


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  • Ask and you shall receive

    • i love this. Thing is I don't want to come off as... you know slutty? I don't know how to put it.

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    • not yet. Mind if I dm you?

    • Sure @answersplease

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  • guys are always down for anything so just tell him if he wants to have sex


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  • Show it to him or whisper it in his ear while you're pleasing him.