Hard to read shy girl! Especially when drunk! HELP PLEASE :) ?

Hi Everyone,

I have started to recently like this girl that I have lived with for 3 years during my time at university in Wales, (in my last year of uni). However, due to our close friendship, and the fact we r both quite shy, its hard to read the signs. Anyway, recently this year she has been making more clear signals, at least that is what I interpret.

As we are both quite shy, and don't want the judgement of our fellow house mates, we seem to only properly flirt when drunk, which is a common theme I've heard from friends.

So over the last couple of months, she has acted very close while drunk, and kissed my head when i complemented her, which is very very out of character for her. She also repeatedly asked to dance with me on a recent night out, and by the end of the night seemed very flustered and asked for a "slow dance", and for some reason i didn't dance, dont ask me why aha. And on the most recent night out while I was giving her a piggy-back ride, she was for the first time ever rubbing my neck and chest while I was giving her the ride, which once again is so out of her shy character.

She has also done some unusual stuff like biting my arm, which is so strange as she is very shy and can't even maintain eye contact with me when sober, even though we are close friends.
(This has all happened in the last 1-2months)
I would just like any girls or guys who could help interpret the situation, especially as she is quite a shy girl who has never had a boyfriend before.
Thanks Everyone,
Jordan x


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  • She is physically attracted to you, but if you don't do anything, she will probably friend-zone you if she hasn't already.


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