Do you text a girl less in the lead up to a first date/meet?

Was due to meet a guy this weekend after chatting for 4 weeks but he had to reschedule for next weekend instead.

We we used to talk a LOT and it was very intense the first two weeks then as we have got closer to meeting communication has dropped off.

Is this a sign of flaking or just saving himself as it were for the date?

I thought he may not be keen but when he said about rescheduling he then gave me two alternative times. We also follow one another on Instagram when a lot of past guys I have spoken to won't even touch social media.

Any help with this would be much appreciated!


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  • If he gave you alternate times that means he still wants to go out he didn't flake might just really be busy if he didn't give you another time that could be because he not interested and flaking

    • He apologised for being so busy (his birthday weekend so friends and family occupying him) and offered a week day this week or next weekend. We decided on next weekend and I said can we firm up the exact details mid week and he said yes. I hope he isn't flaking! When I asked if he was up for meeting up he replied "I SO am" and said he's not usually so busy. I hate that I worry about this stuff - I'm 34 but not used to modern dating haha

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    • Thank you :-)

    • Just to update, he flaked on the rescheduled date when I tried to make plans. Said he was now seeing someone - someone who he "unexpectedly" got serious with on his course... whose parents and sister already follow him/are friends with him on social media... and his match. com profile and facebook are constantly toggling between visible and invisible. Hmmmm. Thanks for all the help though!

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  • Maybe he doesn't want too give too much information and wants to save it for the date.

    Also.. maybe he finds texting boring? Is he the ones that primarily asking the questions and texting first? That gets old and fast with guys

    • It's been pretty equal with initiating for both of us TBH. I wanted to make him aware that I was interested.

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    • And to be fair he apologised, gave me a good reason and expressed being keen. I hate being a woman and over-analysing haha. Thanks for the help.

    • no problem!

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  • It's a sign that he is starting to lose interest or it's a sign that he might not enjoy texting anymore.


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