Conuzzled I would love some help <3?

Conuzzled I would love some help <3?
So i was at a party yesterday. Going in the door bam random girl on me. OMG i look at her and think to myself this chick is the prettiest girl here. We sit and talk after 9 mins first kiss everything is smooth then suddenly without caution she's gone. I think meh go out and dance. 10 mins more guess whos there dancing with me, (her) 5 mins later standing up the wall kissing her and out of nothing she disapears again!!! I think what the fuck is going on. We then 1 hour later proceed to have an amazingly romantic scene out on toilet ( I swear this could go straight to the movies) we jsut stand 30 mins looking eachother in the eyes kissing touching bla bla bl suddenly i swear she leaves again, 1 hour later again at the toilet!! WTF - Partys over i go home. Next day at 3 PM i write "So can i join you're basket team" (she plays basket). She says "only if you can play" i say "ohhh i can beat you anytime in basket" then she says"i bet you can't even smash it in a short net" i say "ohhh i can smash a lot more than just nets (laughing emojies)" BAM im gone in her world or something cause she hasen't answered in 4 hours. Honestly i think she's playing me so probs i will just keep it cool (im that kinda person). I don't know but funny behavior would like to hear if analyzied this correctly. ALSO how do i save this shit!!!Conuzzled I would love some help <3?


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  • A couple possibilities.
    A: she might just be playing around with you or playing hard to get
    B: she thinks you're an ultimate fuckboi and she's tired of it and over you
    C: Dude she might just be busy or hasn't had time to respond. Trust me it happens

    • yea. I just hope that she dosen't think im a douche. And that if we meet again i still have a chance!!

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