Is it sleezy sleeping with a fuck boy instead sleeping with a guy you are seriously datig?

Okai I had one date with an amazing guy a few days ago we clicked so well and want something serious we have amazing chemsitry and sexual tension. We would have done it but I stopped it becuase if there is potential for this tobgo somewhere serious then i dont want it messed up with sex. But at the same time its been a year for me since I had sex and I have needs. Is it wrong if I were to sleep with a dude who wants something casual just to get it out of my system instead of sleeping with the guy I could have something serious with?


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  • if you want a fuck then just go for it... its nothing for any of us to pass judgement on. i will just say this though... why do you think sex with the guy you like willcomplicate stuff? its more likely to make it very simple and clear

    • Becuase of past experience I rrally like him and he is looking for something serious but to I have heard it all before I just dont want this time to be the same /:

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    • Hmm true I guess that's risk I should take

    • exactly... life is all a risk but none taken none lived... go have fun... stop over thinking

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  • Why not sleep with the guy you want something serious with?

    • I want to but many relationships I had started out that way and didn't end well I really like him I was able to tell him why Im not going through with having sex with him right away. I just dont want to end up fallinh for him more theough sex and for him to just take as its just for fun nothing else.

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