I don't know what to do?

So there is this boy who has liked me since third grade ( we are in 12 now) and he has always acted weird towards me like he wouldn't talk to me and when I would talk to him he would just look straight ahead and smile... I couldn't tell he even liked me. When we were in middle school he would send a friend of his almost every day to askif I liked him back and every time I said no but he wouldn't give up it actually got annoying. I kinda told him to move on in a nice way and he sorta did. He started dating one of my friends that he didn't even like and one time they broke up because I simply waved to him... he recently gave me a letter... in it he said things like "you are the girl of my dreams" " you are the most beautiful girl in the world, I mean it, no one compares" after that statement he literally made a list of things that he liked about me, he told me that I was "so special to him" and that he " would do anything to make me happy because seeing me happy makes him happy" and there's a lot more in there but I just chose a few... it really did touch me but I am stuck between him and a guy that I have been crushing on for a long time now, I'm just so confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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  • Lol just do what makes you feel happy I say stick with the guy you have crush on

  • go for. the. guy you got a crush on second :)


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  • I guess w8 for some time and see how things go with each one.. who is more fun to be around and makes you happier and more sweet to you.. i dont think there is need to choose fast. Try being friends with each one.. things will come bythemselves if there is chemistry that is the natural way..:)

    • Although the first guy sounds a little strange.. i would never date a girl i didn't like to make another jealous.. lol only douchebags do this.. and all these sweet talk. i dont say they are bad. but my personal advice as a man is take acts more seriously instead of words.. Anyway i dont know this guy i dont want to affect you and lose a great y

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    • People are confused because you signed up saying you're a woman.

      Ask admin to fix it for you.

    • @0112358 yeah never mind after i ask question or answer they get that i am not

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