How to give advice to my friend?

So one of my best friends that I have literally known since childhood and love just like my brother has been dating this girl since he was 16 and when we were in high school. Him and I are very very close and he tells me everything very openly. He loves her very very much and says that their relationship is absolutely amazing and flawless in every way and I honestly believe it, she's a gorgeous brunette, amazing fit body, stunning face. I remember even in high school tons of guys found her attractive and wanted to go out with her. Not only is she stunning she's also very smart and has a very good heart and is overall a very friendly and likeable person. However, all of this aside a few weeks ago my friend brought up a concern about the relationship. He told me like always that their relationship is still amazing and that he can't imagine his life without this girl and that he's seriously thinking about proposing to her which got me so excited, but then he said that the only concern he has is that she is the only women he has ever slept with since they both lost their virginities to each other. He said that there is nothing wrong with their sex life and that it is amazing, she's adventurous, freaky and there's nothing else that lacks in the bedroom but he can't shake the idea that he has only slept with one women and that he will only sleep with one women his whole life. He just says that occasionally the thought of being with another girl crosses his mind but he tries to shake it off as he knows the value of his relationship with her is way more than just sex with another girl, but I was still soo shocked speechless to hear that! how can he say that when he has such an amazing girl in his life that so many guys would kill to have! I just don't know what to tell him, what do you guys think i should advise him? and guys specifically would you feel the same if you were in his position with an amazing girl like that in your life?


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  • It sounds like he really loves her and is enamored with her. They both get along great and he loves her and wants to marry her. Right now he is having normal doubts about getting married. I'm glad that he did not ask you if you would help him out by having sex with him.
    Honestly just having sex with one woman is not something that he needs to worry about since they are adventurous. That is just something that he might always wonder about. Now since they are both great together in bed. I doubt having a fling would be nearly as good as with his girl because he knows her. He makes love to her. If he tried another girl he would just be having sex with her not making love to her. You can tell him that also.
    Give him time this is just a normal thing for a guy who has only had one woman to think about. Don't take this as he does not love her. It is just what if knocking on his mind. I'm sure she will have the same what if is. Even if she won't admit it. Be glad that he trusts you enough to tell you this.

  • He is having is some doubts before propossing to her. I would be more worried if there wasn't this problem. This is rather normal for guys who are seriously thinking about marriage. He'll be fine if left alone about this.


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  • Typical 😒 deez hoes ain't loyal..


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