Me and my ex got back together I think he only wants sex😢?

when i say i love him he doesn't say it anymore is it normal for him to be like this i sent him a sexy pic he say i love em then i asked him could meet and he said yeah what time then on the 16th then on the 20th i said if we get together what u want to do he text want to do you i asked can we get back together he said as long as you dont go crazy on me i i said ok my boyfriend is working a lot he like a workaholic he answers my late should i just chill out or wait til see him without the attitude i gave him 2 days with texting my mother told me men need space😢💦


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  • You have reasons to be feeling the ways you are. You are clearly getting the impression the relationship with him is only based on the phyiscal aspect, otherwise it wouldn't be so concerning.
    I am sorry you're going through this. I honestly believe if he is only with you for sex, then trying to build the relationship with him is not worth your time or your effort. Stop with the hook ups, and see what he does. Don't send him anymore explicit photos, and keep the convos to a minimal. If he's busy, let him be busy, and let him come to you.

    If he is serious about trying the relationship again, yet doesn't give you effort in return, or doesn't try to build a bond with you and work on the relationship together, you are better off finding someone who will.
    This is a big chance you're taking, and if you're already getting the feeling like the relationship is based only on sex, you have to decide for yourself is it really worth the heart ache of trying, and putting yourself on the line again for this guy.
    Give it a lot of thought before doing anything more with him. You have to think of your own happiness and put that first before anything.

  • Give him space don't give him total control else he'll abuse it and know that you're there WHEN HE NEEDS YOU. Play it cool.


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