Guys, Guys what would you do in this situation?

I met someone we've had sex it was good, and I decided to hit him up three days later and we planned on having sex again. We are supposed to be friends with benefits but I've caught feelings.): he's called me babe and he even give me a hug and a kiss too. But he plays a lot of mind games I got tired of it. he blew me off a few times and keeping combos short always sayin he was busy. Said he has a lot going on and stuff. I decided I'm tired of his mind games!! His flip floppy attitude. I changed my number and I haven't given it to him nor texted him in a week. Is this good? Will the no contact rule be good for this type of situation? I'm just fed up.


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  • Congratulations! You are today's daily example of why Friends With Benefits is an illusion.

    • Well calling someone babe and getting woken up with good morning texts kisses and being called babe and laying up with this person isn't what friends do

    • Which reinforces what I said: Friends With Benefits is an illusion. It is two people fucking who, unless something else happens first, at least one of the two "friends" will start to become emotionally involved, whether they are conscious of that or not.

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  • have SEX and don't let your email control your friends with benefits things


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