Am I a priority?

My boyfriend and I have been dating long distance (drivable) for 9 months. We see each other one day or less a week (Saturday or Sunday). He says he cannot do Fridays because he goes out with co-workers. I talked to him about it but he won't budge on Fridays. At this point I do not feel like I am a priority in this relationship. Everything else is great besides the amount of time we spend together and I am at my breaking point. I have talked to him about it and he doesn't get it. Like he doesn't understand that it bothers me. Is this worth breaking up over? Help with how to fix this?


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  • In case you haven't noticed it won't change so you have a decision

    • I am finally putting the pieces together and figuring out that even though he is a great and respectful guy he is not putting me as one of his top priorities.

    • Nope and it won't work

    • Change I mean

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  • That is not enough time to develop a relationship. One day or less a week seems not much of a relationship. He doesn't understand it bothers you because he probably has more stuff going on- you're on the back burner. If you are a priority, you would know it flat out. He could do every other Friday with his co-workers and every other Friday with you.

    • I have brought it up about the Fridays and his answer was that it's his team and thats how he blows off steam from work. HE didn't give up any Friday in all the 9 months we were together. I told him I want to spend more time together. I mean one week I only saw him for five hours on a Saturday. That was all I saw him that week. What kills me is that I always drive to see him 40 minutes away and he cannot reciprocate. So this relationship seems be heading to its end:(

    • I'm so sorry, I think he is just making excuses. He could definitely set a time with you Fridays once or twice a month to hang out but he doesn't- and he sees his co-workers all week anyway! That is not enough to build a relationship unfortunately. A relationship consists of lots of time spent together- having experiences and having fun more than just once a week. It just seems like he's not putting in the effort.

  • I'd break up if I were you, but that's because I cannot handle long distance.


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