Is it weird for someone you dated to act extra happy when around you?

Are actually stop you to chat? when you want to just walk by...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's an act because they are sad or uncomfortable

    • So it is weird right?

    • No its kind of normal at your age and even older. Honestly if I have no feelings I'm usually just happy to see them because they were a happy part of my life.

      If they were a love of my life then maybe it is awkward and I'm saving face infront of his new gel.

      It's normal. When they give you the hate stare or say something ugly you'll long for the overly friendly you're so great greeting.

      Honestly any ex I've run into, though it may be a pinch awkward depending on who we are with, I'm elated to see them even for a moment. We didn't break up because we hated each other. To see them doing well honestly just warms my heart 1,000 degrees. ,

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What Girls Said 2

  • they just want you to know that they are happy

    • Yeah but why? Whats the motive? She then bumped into my mate and did the same to him and told him all the good things that are happening with her and he didn't even ask her. He said he tried to walk past

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    • These happened on separate days

    • then I have no idea, girls are strange

  • Not weird, they are either in a better place or trying to be. More power to them.

    • But then why try and stop me if i said i was too busy to have a chat?

    • And then tell me best mate everything that has been happening with them instead of just saying that they have been good?

    • She may have wanted to talk someone and was excited to run into you... sometimes when your excited and want to reconnect with someone you just start to ramble a bit. I have been guilty of that and I've had it happen to me... alot-lol.

What Guys Said 2

  • Normal , they are happy to see you. it's like seeing ur best friend after a long time of not catching up with each other.

  • Sounds like they just increased her meds


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