I'm so confused, what do I do?

Met this guy a while ago, we met dancing. I asked for his snap and he gave it to me. (We were obviously into eachother.) He really liked me. Then stopped talking to me, then began to talk to me again after two weeks.. as I was about to get over him. He said he had a lot going on with family then come to realize after a while his grandma was sick and passed away (was close to her) he then quit talking to me. (I found out online about his GMA) he didn't even tell me she died. I then snapped him after he didn't respond to mine and asked him how he was after I figured he was going through a lot. He said he was good.. and never told me. I tried and tried to keep him interested in me. But he doesn't seem too? He quit talking to me again. He's a RA in college.. and he stopped going out to the dance because he had to work. But he has never taken me out on a date.


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  • Guys usually suppress their feelings which could lead to things like this, so it's normal he didn't tell you. He seems to be depressed, give him some time. 2 weeks may seem like a long time but it really isn't not for him. My cousin was killed last year and I was dumped by my ex 4 months ago, was with her for 3 years. Everyday continues to be a struggle, I have lost many friends because I've been so depressed. It's going to take him some time especially if they were very close.

    • That makes me feel much better. So you think he's just hiding it from me? But why hasn't he been coming out to the dance or ever taken me out on a date?
      I'm sorry to hear about your cousin.. it's hard :(

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    • Yeah you're right. Thank you very much for your advice! I appreciate it!

    • no problem

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  • I think you already asked this question twice or something. Let it go.


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