Am I less of a man?

My male friends do a lot of One night stands, hook - ups etc but I cannot do it.

I cannot have sex with a woman unless I completely feel safe and comfortable with her, I dont get erections with random women, But with women I feel comfortable with, I have amazing sex.

My friends say that Im not a man because a real man can have sex with any woman regardless of feeling comfortable with her or not, thats women's department of feeling comfortable with safe.

Am I not a man? Please be honest?

  • Yeah, you are not a man, Its women's job to be comfortable before having sex with a guy.
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  • No, you are fine. Its good that you want to know a woman before getting intimate.
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  • I don't know why the guys are calling you a pussy. Like grow up.. anyways, that's how I am. Read its that you're 'demisexual' but I don't understand why most people aren't? One night stands are impossible for me aha i guess people can fuck anything that has a pulse.


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  • Nope, you are good


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