She suddenly has pictures of herself and her ex again. Am I wrong to feel hard done?

Honest question seeking honest responses.
My girlfriend and I have been apart for 2 months, she was back home (different country) sorting her study permit for her to return. So she's back now and last night she was showing me pictures she took the whole time she was away. She brushed through two pictures of her and her ex (old pictures from the time they were dating). We had arguments over the past before and we had solved it (Atleast I thought we did) by leaving the past in the past, and removing all traces of that past from our present.

So now, here are these pictures she deleted, on her phone on Valentine's Day. My mind says the ex sent them to her for reasons only know to both of them. What really bothered me was that she then made an effort to place them in a hidden folder (goes without saying that an iphones hidden folder feature doesn't remove the pictures from the main camera roll).

As it stands, I haven't said anything about it. I'm waiting for her to step up and at the very least make up a lie about it. Surely it can't be wrong of me to expect that she respects me and our relationship enough to say SOMETHING!

Am I wrong? How can I better handle it? What does this mean? Is he still in with a look, or just a bit of nostalgia on both their parts?


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  • I'd be concerned too. People who are over their exes don't keep deleted pics of them , and put them in a file of their own. She's meant to be creating new memories with you not holding onto the past

    It's extremely disrespectful towards you. I'd never give my ex the satisfaction of thinking I still had feelings for him , and kept pictures of him when I'm with someone new. That'd be humiliating for my boyfriend. I'd never put him in such an uncomfortable position. I'd feel too guilty

    I'd talk to her about it, and let her response and decision guide you as what's best to do for yourself.


What Guys Said 2

  • another country.. I stopped right there
    assuming her ex if from her mother country, and assuming she's at your country for studying and some how taking advantage of you (not literally)
    you're free to assume she's just flirting with you and keeping you to the times of need, while getting back with her ex
    sorry to say that but if your relationship is not yet down to earth serious and you don't trust her 100% then yes she's cheating

  • Nope you're not wrong and you have ever right to question her trust and how loyal she's. Tell her you're aware that pictures are in the hidden folder so next time she won't lie to you again but let me advice you stop spying and doing police work on your girlfriend just to avoid jealousy

    • We were looking at the pictures together. She saw that I saw the pictures. I wasn't spying was just seeing the pictures of her experiences while she was away is all.

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