Is a girl texting another guy while never telling him she has a boyfriend considered emotionally cheating?

Is it? Why or why not? Let's say they would send long flirty texts with one another, even late at night?

Could it be viewed as cheating if her boyfriend found out? If the other guy finds out about her boyfriend, what would he think?


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What Guys Said 1

  • it's absolutely cheating i would directly break up no mercy don' t matters what she says to excuse


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes, I would consider it cheating if they FLIRT and if they don't mention that they are in a relationship, for me IT IS CHEATING 100% :)

    • Why would you say that if they don't mention their boyfriend it's cheating?

      If the other guy found out you had a boyfriend, would he assume the girl was totally into him? What would he say about her and think about her? And her boyfriend too, what would he think about him?

    • Well, I don't know what they would think because I was never in this situation before, but TO ME flirting is cheating, my boyfriend refuses to talk to females that flirt with him and says that he has a girlfriend (ME) and then ignores them.. PLUS he shows me when this happens, and when it happens to me I ignore them too and tell my boyfriend, a serious relationship is based on communication and being loyal in every aspect...

  • If the texts are flirty (and cross the boundary between friendly flirty and actual flirty), then yes.

    • What's the difference between friendly flirty and actual flirty?

    • When you are just friends with the person but the texts appear flirty. As an example, my best friend and I call each other babe and love all the time but we have no relationship beyond that. Now if its someone she just met and is sending those messages to him, it is suspiscious.

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