What do you think his intentions are?

this guy and I rematched on a dating app after awhile, he wanted to meet up right away, and asked to Hang out last minute. He said spontaneous dates are fun and I said they can be when you know the person more. Told me to live a little. He kept asking me out the few days we started talking. He said he's glad we rematched. I told him how I felt and he said he thought we could pick up where we left off kind of thing and said maybe he shouldn't of been too forward. Then I wanted to see more pictures of him then he was teasing about nudes and I told him I don't do that. He said he really wants to meet me. After Declining a couple times I said how about this day which was a week away and was trying to find a time closer. He said I'll try and see if I can finish up ___ early to meet.


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  • I am not sure. But I know that many guys online are usually looking for sex, so...

    • Many guys, but not all. However it seems those many guys are the ones that get the privilege of responses over genuine guys who want to make a connection.

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