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So I met this guy like a week ago & we instantly hit it off! It's like we've known each other forever & I really like him. However, I'm not completely over my ex who's also my best friend. The guy I like knows we're still friends and he's cool with it but I found out he really likes me too. I don't know what to do! Please help!


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  • why did you break up with your ex to begin with and how are you guys still best friends?

    • We were arguing a lot but since we broke up we've been communicating more and arguing a lot less, almost not at all, so we're still really good friends

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    • Define forever... I've been waiting almost a year (9 months) 😔

    • Forever is how long you are willing to wait and if you are willing to date other people in the meantime. If you date someone else it may make him see that he can't take you for granted but that shouldn't mean date someone to get at someone else. Someone did that to me and it really sucks. Follow your heart, if you really like this new guy get to know him, and be yourself. Don't be who anyone wants you to be. No one is perfect, we all have flaws. Not every reason someone breaks up for us is a flaw but certain things are. For example, my ex talked too much but that wasn't a flaw, it annoyed the hell out of me, and it is the part of her I miss the most.

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  • Don't start dating him if you are not over your ex. Also, it's not a good idea being friends with your ex. That cannot help you move on.


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