Did he just reject me? We were planning meet ups and then he said he'll be in touch?

So I gave him my number. He always replies.
He texts me goodnight says I'm cute etc.
i told him we should meet up one if the weeks.
He said yeah for food and drinks. I said sure. He says what day works for you. Then he says actually this week is crazy for me. Maybe next week...
I told him next week works but I'm not 100% sure and I know he's trying to save money so whichever works for him.

His last message said: yup I'll be in touch. For now, it's my bedtime. 😅 Goodnight!

haven't heard from him this morning. He usually text me good morning...


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  • he may have just been busy or something. always consider other possibilities. you should try to message him first

    • Well I know he has work today but that's all I know. But he usually text during his work too

    • I would try messaging him. if he doesn't respond in a couple days you might have your answer. but his phone might have been shut off too. or it broke or anything. if you have him on social media maybe message him there in a day or two if he doesn't message you back via text

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  • No rejection there. Just keep in touch for now.

  • stop reading in to things. he's telling you what he'll do. relax


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  • Well he did say this week is crazy for him. He could super busy right now