Over analyzing and shy girlfriend. Help?

Hey, so I've got a really shy girlfriend. I do consider myself outgoing, but when I am around her, It almost feels as if she brings me down. Honestly, I love her. I want to try and make things work. In truth, things are really getting better. She is more comfortable with me now than before. But I have a problem. I feel as if I am sort of dependant, (my last relationship fucked me up really well). Obviously, I don't show this "dependant" side around her, but sometimes she does things that really put me down in the dumps. For example, today, she saw me at my locker getting stuff and she kinda just bolted out of there. Later, I found her with some friends. Although, when I went to talk to her, she was all good. I guess it might just be because she had a test today and she said she was feeling pretty nervous about it. I know she still likes me. I guess I am just looking for some advice on this "over-analyzing". Please feel free to share your experiences as well. This question is open to discussion. Thanks!


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