How do you make yourself more attractive to women?

What are some key things a man must do if he wants to make himself be enticing to women?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Have something to talk about - bring some topics to the table.
    Crack some jokes and a few really dirty ones - this is a must.
    Be confident about you and what you do - stand tall and even be a bit arrogant with it.
    Be clean, look clean and smell good - nothing more offputting than a man being well dressed and rocking £1,500 Loubs and stinking like week old gym sweat.
    Have a bit of cheek - I love a guy who takes the mickey and who does it with humour.


What Guys Said 1

  • Don't smell bad, wear your shit like it is a fashion statement and not an accident, live your life like you intend it to be that way and not like the sewage waters washed you to wherever you are at right now.

    And obviously, be confident and don't be hideous, poor and lazy.


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