I get insecure for no reason?

I don't know what's wrong with me but I get insecure for no reason I have no reason to be insecure but I do for example the girl I like has this friend who she used to date but now are good friends she hasn't talked to him in months and I'm still insecure and we have fights I don't know what to do about it help me


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  • So there is a difference between insecurity and not feeling secure. Someone who is insecure, no matter what their SO does to make them feel secure will fall short, essentially there is nothing their SO can do to make that insecurity go away. Someone who is not feeling secure is due to their SO not fulfilling their physical or emotional needs, their SO can do something physically or emotionally to make them feel secure (ex. some individuals need frequent hugs or kisses to feel secure, or perhaps need to hear that their SO is over their ex).
    Why do you feel insecure? What would it take for you to feel secure? If you are not feeling secure because there are things you need your SO to do in the relationship, then you should talk to her and see if it's possible for her to fulfill those needs or perhaps for you two to reach a compromise. If it's the former, I believe you should work on your self confidence.


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