He is an outgoing guy and he flirts with girls easily but he doesn't flirt or talk to me?

He always stares at me and acts jealous when I talk to other guys but there is nothing more happening for like a year and he is an outgoing guy he talks about other girls to his friends when they are around me but he stopped it after I said that I am not a jealous type of girl in class. I don't know what to do he is not a reliable guy either he is such a player what should I do give up on him or talk to him about my feelings (I'm not in love though just interested in him)?


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  • if I was in your place I would give up.

    • I once tried to give up and honestly I did but after that he came to me and acted much more close and that male everything turn around πŸ™

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    • I won't I promise βœ‹πŸ»βœ‹πŸ»

    • phewπŸ˜…πŸ˜œ

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  • i do that shit to girls i like lmfao maybe its a sign

    • Do you get jealous when the girl you like is talking to some other guy? Because he gets jealous. Or you stare at her every day and sometimes tried to talk to her not one by one but in class when you and your friends are alone with her? That's what he does

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    • He is not a jealous type there is a girl in my class who talked to him for 2 days (not kidding 2 f days) he rejected her because he didn't like her personality and I asked if he was jealous she said that he was never jealous wher she talked with other guys but he gets super pissed when I do that

    • Still doesn't talk to me one by one. Well one more think he take off his shirt two times in class when I was the only girl in class at that moment and his friends was in there. He did that and when I tried to leave he made fun of me like look she is running away. When he said that I asked what do you want me to do watch you strip? He didin't said anything but I was waiting for an answer but he looked at me started to take off his shirt when I was looking at his face then he asked with a deep voice are you gonna watch me? And I said f*ck no then left and he tried to do again after like 2 weeks wtf?

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  • He could be into you and is shy or nervous. Its easier to approach other girls but when it comes to the one he actually likes , it can be a real challenge


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