My ex was flirting with my sister?

They bumped into eachother recently. Him and i have no contact happening.

•He gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek
•He told her her hair looks good while touching it.
•He asked how my cafe is going and that he send people there
•He asked how I've been and if i still go to culinary school
•He asked if im dating a previous flame still
•Asked if still doing my knitting
•He said that he is trying to get a job closer to my work so he can still 'eat my cakes'
•He told her how much his changed since our 1.5 year split.

She said he just didn't stop talking to her and she tried to leave but he kept going, even wanted to have coffee with her but she politely declined...

We only dated for 4 months. However when i see him he freaks out and gets nervous happy and goes silent like a mouse.

Whats he trying to do? Should i make a move?
  • He is sussing me out to see if im single
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  • He is fishing for info on me
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  • His using her to get to me
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  • He misses me and wants me back
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  • Completely none of your business.

    • It is when you have a boyfriend now and are trying to move on... when he broke up with me

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    • she's not seeing him. I just feel like he is messing with my head :( he broke up with me and i feel like he is just lingering around trying to prove how much his changed when I've told him to stop once before...

    • Yes, I was afraid of that. Just keep doing your best to avoid him and focus on maybe meeting someone else. Any older brothers that can kick his ass?

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  • He is not over you


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