Was he a bit jealous?

I’ve been ‘hanging out’ with this guy for almost a month now but we aren’t exclusively ‘boyfriend-girlfriend’. This weekend he invited me to come to a house party with him which was a bit of a big deal for me.
When I first arrived, he stood next to me while he was introducing me to everyone. Later on we sat down on the couch and we spoke a little bit. He went with me into the kitchen to pour me a drink and after sitting down on the sofa again, he went in to get a drink. I

I got up and mingled with some of the other people standing around at the party. After 10-15 minutes or so, I noticed my ‘boyfriend’ come and stand next me to me at the circle of people there. He did this a number of times during the night. However, he also spoke with some other girls in another group which I ignored. I noticed that whenever I would speak with a guy he would look at me out of the corner of his eye.

Later on, I went into the kitchen and struck up a conversation with two of the guys in there. I noticed that the guy I’m seeing coming into the kitchen as well and standing opposite me. As I was engaged in conversation, I saw that he was staring me down. He then all of a sudden touched my bracelet and made a comment about it.

Does it sound like he was being a bit jealous maybe? I’m starting to like him but I’m not sure if we are at the ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ stage yet which is why I’m asking


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  • Not a bit jealous, a lot. He acted like a teen aged boy. Jealously ruins relationships. That means he doesn't trust you. If he doesn't trust you, you have a lousy relationship. If you ask him and he says it's because he doesn't trust the guys. That still means he doesn't trust you. If you got with one of the guys, it all on you, not the guy, though he would be wrong too. You chose to do it. The guy didn't make you make that choice. I say that because if he trusted you, he doesn't have to worry about other guys. He trusts you to not do anything regardless of what the men want.

    • Thanks for your input :) I am a very faithful person and have never cheated - so he doesn't have to have any doubts about my feelings. However, since we aren't really exclusive yet I was wondering if he maybe felt a bit uncomfortable when I was talking to some other guys. Anyway, thanks again :)

    • I was never with more than one girl at a time. Playing the field was not something I wanted to do. I felt it was unfair to the girl. If I didn't want to be with her anymore, I broke up and then would see someone new. I know most people might not agree with me, but it is what I felt was the right thing to do. You're quite welcome.

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  • That doesn't sound like he was jealous.

    • Do you think so? What part of it do you think sounds like he wasn't jealous?

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