Is he ignoring me?

So about eight months ago I was working at a local store in my hometown where this guy worked with me. We hit it off at first and then about two to three weeks later he got back together with his ex girlfriend, but kept flirting and messaging me most of the time. When things started to get confusing, I started to ask him questions that he really didn't want to answer or questions that annoyed him, but he always came back and continued to message me. About two months ago he broke up with his girlfriend, then we started really flirty with each other and sexting on snap chat and almost had sex a couple of times. Then, a couple of weeks ago, we had sex. It was my first time so I was pretty nervous and told him to stop a couple of times, but we started back up soon after. After we were done, he kissed me and asked how it was. When I was about to leave, he hugged me, told me that we would hang out again sometime and to text him when I get home (which I did). I ended up messaging him a couple days after and a conversation got brought up about that night, and I said maybe we can do it again sometime, and all he said was maybe. That next Thursday he ended up messaging me again and asked me to come over to hangout and when I was about a minute away from his place he called me and said that he had to cancel and that I couldn't come over anymore. We haven't talked in about a week, and I feel like he just used me for sex that one time and then forget about me.


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  • Yeah, I think it was just a one night stand.


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