Date two guys at the same time?

So I went on a few dates with guy1 and then he kind of disappeared. I moved on and started dating someone else. Now guy1 is back all of a sudden... I don't know how to do this, I've never dated more than one person at a time. I really like both guys... what would you do in this situation?


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  • A couple of questions from a relationship coaches perspective:

    1) How do you feel about dating more than one guy at a time? I know you've never done it before but how does the idea of it sit with you?
    2) Would you be okay with knowing that guy1 or guy2 was dating someone else?

    I ask these because it's actually fairly common for people to date around and as long as they're comfortable with it (themselves) and none of the people that they're dating are looking for exclusivity, I see no issue.

    I know what I would do in this situation (to get to your actual question) but it really matters what you're comfortable with and what their expectations are.

    Last thing--So guy1 disappears and decides to reappear? What's that about? And you're just letting him back in, no questions?

    • Dating more than one person makes me feel sleazy. That's why I've never done it. I would not be okay with a guy dating other girls at the same time as me. I'm looking for something serious and I think that is why guy1 ran away. Guy2 seems to be serious with me but I still have unresolved feelings for guy1. I just don't know what to do.

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    • Yes I'd definitely date guy2. I just think there is something missing, can't put my finger on it

    • Back to your original question, can you see yourself dating two guys at the same time if you are not comfortable with it? Doesn't sound like it and that's a-ok. Be who you are.

      So, guy1 may have left temporarily because he is not relationship minded and he felt like you were. But you don't know for sure if this was the reason. AND, something has you intrigued about him but you don't know what it is. I'll make a suggestion. Go out on a date with guy1 and gauge his interest in relationships writ large. If he is not relationship minded, you have your answer, right?

      I ask that in the form of a question because you will need to eventually figure out if you NEED (non-negotiable) someone who is relationship minded or if that is just a WANT (negotiable).

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  • I'd date the one I like more, but that's just me. People nowadays date multiple people. Why did he disappear by the way?


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  • It's okay to date more than one person at a time while you're single. One of them is bound to say or do something goofy sooner or later (we all do), so you'll have your answer by process of elimination.

  • Tell guy one that u are seeing someone else too if he is fine with it then tell guy number two about it. If guy one isn't fine with it then u got still guy two

  • it's ok to date more than one person provided your not"in a relationship" with one of them


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