Opinions on how this girl rejected me?

So this is the first time I've ever been rejected like this. I went up to a girl at my University today, we spoke for like a minute, then when I asked her for her number so I could text her, she said "uhhhhh" (you know the thing that girls do when they are coming up with some way to reject you), so I expected the typical "I have a boyfriend", but instead, she said what no girl ever just honestly says, "I don't want to". At first, I told her it was awesome how she was so honest when other girls aren't, but as I was going back home it really stung to just be rejected by someone who admits it's for the simple fact they don't want to speak to you. This stung, and I was even considering just giving up on speaking to girls entirely (I've been rejected before, but this girl told me the real reason like no other girl ever did), although I think I have cooled down a bit, I just wanted your guys/girls opinion on this whole situation. Thanks?
By the way, this girl did not come off as a bitch. Our conversation was nice and friendly, and she even said it was nice to meet you when I left. It was a tiny bit dark out, we are strangers, and I'm a junior whereas she is a freshman in college. If any of that gives context, there you go.


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  • Every time I do that and I get called a vain bitch. Go figure.


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  • I'd woop her ass, if she said that to me. At least she has balls for being honest to you.


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