I'm pretty but I don't get asked out that often?

I've been told I'm pretty and cute (not just by family). And let's just say my self-esteem is rising. I'm smart and in school I'm always seen carrying my books. I'm kinda short and skinny with a little butt. I'm also quiet and shy (until people get to know me). I have a small group of friends who are also attractive but they're very bad influences. They attract guys but only with their bodies and/or whoring around tbh. And I'm not like that, but they have somehow found boyfriends and I'm still single. The guys that like me tell my friends and are too afraid to talk to me. But the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that guys will talk to me just to get to my friends. Why don't they like me? Sometimes they play tease/flirt but it's nothing serious. Why?


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  • a lot of guys are shy to ask a girl out so they play with them. I'm sure their are plenty of guys who would like to go out with you but are shy. To be honest don't worry to much about it. If you really want a boyfriend try getting to know guy friends better or if there is a guy you are interested in talk to him. The real question is what is it you seek a real long lasting relationship or just a boyfriend.


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  • Do you have a nice personality?
    A girl can be pretty but If she dose not have a nice personality then dates are most likely going to be less for her personality is not nice.


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  • Girls that are easy have no problems attracting boys because that is all a lot of boys your age want. Change who you hang out with. When with your current group, the guys are going to go for them over you because the odds of getting what they want from you is pretty slim. This is a price a lot of girls like you pay. Keep your head up and be very proud that you have morals to not just do the easy thing.

  • a lot of guys are scared or shy to ask out an attractive girl beacuse we may get turned down honestly


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