What can I get my boyfriend with my first internship allowance?

i just received my first internship allowance, i was wondering what i can get for my boyfriend so that it will be meaningful. But i can't think of any. Does anyone of you have any ideas? Guys, what would u like to receive from ur gf?
Just a simple and low cost but meaningful.


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  • It depends. Does he have any hobbies? What does he do on his leisure time?

    • he doesn't really habe hobbies as he's 32. but he likes football and watch football whenever possible

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  • it's so sweet of you to think of buying your boyfriend something special after receiving your first check! That being said, you really don't have to get him something super expensive!
    the best material gifts I've recieved were all hand made and required lots of thought and effort. Perhaps you could plan a little scavenger hunt or fill a Masson jar with 100 things you love about him. If you insist on spending money on him I'd try to get tickets to a local theater or concert or something like that so you two can enjoy it together :)

    you guys sound adorable and I know that whatever you decide to get him he's going to love it!

    • aww thank you so much... and thanks for the idea. but we are in LDR so how can i post him something?

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    • whatever you make I know he'll love it!

    • aww u r so sweet.. thank you! 😊😊😊😊

  • If you are actually serious...

    Wear lingerie
    When he comes to your place, give him a cold beer
    Cook a Steak
    After dinner put on a movie and give him a blow job

    For at least 2 weeks he will do whatever you want.


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