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My boyfriend works and goes to the gym every day. Some days he's off work... but he can't go to the gym whenever. He always goes around 7pm-9pm and is in bed by 10 because he has work early the next morning. I have school and work. And he works 6am-7pm and some nights I work 3pm-11pm. Our schedules are completely different. The only time we can really hangout are on the weekends and that's only IF I'm off work. & he works the whole weekend every other weekend. It's impossible to see each other. If we both have a day off, we still can't really hangout because he has to go to the gym at 7 🙄 so it kind of ruins our day. What do I do about this?


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  • I feel like the one who needs to do something in this situation is him. I know the gym and his health are important but he needs to readjust his priorities and realize that he should be putting you first every once in a while.
    perhaps you two should talk about a compromise where he could go to the gym slightly less often and maybe you could tag along every once in a while to help motivate him and work out if you'd like to.

    I'd definitely sit him down and talk about what each of you are prepared to do in order to increase your time together :)

    Good luck!


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  • I don't understand. He can simply go to gym for 1 hour and hang out with you the rest of the time, or you could just go at his place after work and at least sleep together or something.


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  • lol he doesn't really like you as much as he says, cause if he did he'd center his schedule around you, and this is coming from a gym rat, I don't see any reason why he couldn't reschedule his gym time to after you guys see eachother, or even meeting eachother for his lunchtime, I don't know there's so many times I can see stuff happening but you guys don't seem to want to make it work.

    • For one, he goes to an MMA gym... so there's certain times he can train. It's not like he's choosing to go at those times. For 2, we can't grab lunch together when he works. He works an hour and a half away. Plus most of the time when he's getting out of work I'm going in. Let me break this down for you. Let's say he's off work on tuesdays... well I have school until 4:30 on tuesdays. I don't get home until around 5:30 but he has to be at the gym at 7. He don't get out of the gym until 9 but has work Wednesday at 4am so he has to be in bed by 10pm... there's absolutely no time to see him. I can't see him cause usually when I'm just getting home he's already otw to the gym.

    • so basically you guys don't wanna compromise and you both wanna live separate lives is pretty much what I'm getting, kinda hard to have a relationship with being separate entities but it works for some people, just gotta know which couple you are

  • His schedule sounds more flexible so maybe he should try to change it


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