Need advice on dating a man?

How. do you guys know if the woman is for you? How do you know if you are telling her truth?


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  • I would say it is mostly about her avoiding huge red flags. For starters I go by her history. What kind of men has she dated in the past. If she has dated losers that do drugs, and beat her, then she clearly has issues. If she has cheated in her past, I don't want to have anything to do with her now. Our pasts are the best way to figure out what behavior we can expect from a person.

    She also needs to be able to acknowledge her own short comings in her other relationships. If a woman is telling me how all her ex's did her wrong, it tells me that no matter how I treat her, one day she is going to be talking shit about me to some other guy in the future. If she can't see anything wrong with herself in her past, that indicates that every fight we ever have will always be my fault in the future.

    I don't want to be nagged into changing, but she should encourage me to do the right things to take care of myself. Such as being willing to help me get in better shape, improve my current education level, etc.

    She would need to avoid manipulative behavior like saying "If you really loved me" and then making some unreasonable request that suddenly I now have to do or risk destroying our relationship.

    Mostly it is about what she doesn't do than what she does do. That is how low other women have set the bar. She does however need to have something to offer me. After all no one has ever said, "I want to marry someone that has nothing to offer me" What she has to offer though can vary from woman to woman. However, it is mostly about finding a woman that doesn't have a bad personality that makes my life more stressful than it needs to be.


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  • if you feel empty without her around, like a part of you is missing. as for the truth thing, well I would assume most people were given basic training on differenciating truth from falsehood when we were about 2 or 3.

  • It's a gut feeling most of the time of she's for you then you just know and most guys act like a dog around the girl they like always happy wanting to give them lots of kisses and cuddles so quite honest

    • Yeah.. some guys act like a dog. It just break my heart when a friend of mine broke her heart when she find out her boyfriend was cheated and a two face

    • Aww the poor thing

  • 2 years waking up next to one another with a positive reaction? That'd be a telltale good sign.

    The second question is much more difficult to answer. Life would be pretty tough if we didn't know our own thoughts, wouldn't it?

    • Ok gotcha. . that is true tho because I watch my friend break her heart because the guy is all good to her to her facell but behind her back its totally different you know

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