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Ok hi me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 months and he works a lot. All I do is go to school but now most of the time we only talk at night we talk everyday but I don't know what to do. Like he is always tired and then I feel like a terrible girlfriend when I complain. Then sometimes when he does stuff that annoys me I think maybe I should break up with him or when he kinda makes me upset I forget what I was upset about or why I wanted to break up. I know I probably sound like a terrible girlfriend but I jus want to know what to do. I really don't want to break up with him I would be devastated he is my first love. I guess I'm just really stressed out with college and trying to find a job and my family. I don't why I even wrote this but I'm glad I feel a little better now. I really do love him. I think as a girlfriend I'm suppose to be perfect and do everything right but when I don't I'm scared that will make him like me a little less and then he will come out and say he doesn't like me no more out of no where he really is a sweet guy he like DBZ and he is such a dork about it lol. I know he means well and I know I can be bitchy sometimes but I don't know I jus sometimes feel like I am holding him back and that he deserves better than me and that I'm making life harder for him. He says the cutest and corniness things ever that make me smile. He always says I'm beautiful everyday. I kinda forgot where I was going with this but oh well I hate when I do that. Oh and he will say nice things to me that I don't believe sometimes cause I don't think I'm pretty enough for him. But yea that's it I think I feel funny now like there is a hole in my chest but yea I know I got problems and I'm probably crazy but oh well.


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  • You're not mature enough to have a relationship. You must be open-minded before you date again. So let him go.

    • Thank you for your opinion but I don't think I should do that. But thank you 😊

What Girls Said 2

  • If he hasn't broken up with you than clearly you are enough for him. It's normal to feel this way but the big thing is how you act on it. I don't think it makes you a bad girlfriend. You need to acknowledge that it's hard for both of you and try to not go too crazy or take it personally.

    • Thank you that really helped πŸ’™

  • How old are you and how old is your boyfriend?
    Also, chill. You are more than enough for him. He already shows you that he really loves you.

    • Thank you for your helpπŸ’™

    • You're welcome!

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