How come I keep thinking of girl that wants nothing to do with me?

I never had a girlfriend and this one girl was the closest I had as a relationship. I talked to her on penpals now. I was from Massachusetts and she was from the Connecticut new York border. We did meet once at the mall and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. The only time a girl has shown me affection. She said she would date me. But the next week we got in a huge argument saying she doesn't have any time to meet because she can't afford the drive. I fear driving by the way.

Anyway I keep thinking of her lately. I even cry myself to sleep. I have major depression, She threaten calling the cops if I emailed her so I stop. I have that urge to email her to ask me to give me another chance but afraid she will call the cops :(


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  • People fall in infatuation for stupid reasons. Blame the chemicals in your brains. Stop bothering her, she is not interested in you. You need to move on since that is not healthy being so attached to someone who doesn't want to be with you


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  • Just keep looking elsewhere, there are millions of girls available


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