Trying to meet up with a guy but he says he's busy this week so maybe next week-- he just text me he finished watching a movie?

I suggested we hang out... nothing fancy that doesn't involve a lot of money. He says he's crazy busy this week but maybe next week. We text everyday and he just said he came from the movies? He just said he's crazy busy but had time for the movies? Do you think he has another gf? Because that's fishy to me.


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  • Def fishy. I say this to guys I like but Im already involved with other guys at the moment. Don't want to not talk to them anymore but not ready to commit to them. He also might just get a confidence boost from talking to you all the time. He might possibly be in a relationship right now too. I'd think that at least.

    • I think he is... and it's a confidencs booster.
      I met him online.. is there anything I can text him to ask to see? Should I ask if he has a gf? Or can I ask what made him go online for dating? It's annoying and I feel like I'm wasting my time.

    • I don't think it's even worth asking about. He'll probably lie or ignore you. I'd just move on and if he tries to contact you then you can say you didn't feel like he was serious. I mean, it sounds like you haven't been on a date or even met him so that's just not how you find a relationship. You actually have to see each other. Personally I'd block his number and just forget about him.

    • No I haven't. I was trying to go on a date or just meet him but he's just texting and that's it. He texts throughout the day and says good morning and night but that's it...
      nothing like oh we should go here or there.
      I think I'm just going to tell him I'm not looking for a digital friend or dating partner. It was nice talking to him though.

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