In my junior year of university and still no girlfriend, I'm involved in clubs etc but every time I ask a female out, they say they don't know me?

i make small talk with them in clubs or class but nothing I haven't gotten anywhere in class the same thing i think things are going well they are laughing and even flirting but then when I ask for their number or that we should hang out or check out this event on campus they say they don't know me that well or just they don't know me, I'm a little frustrated because I transferred here from a smaller college where most of the kids were from high school and I was kind of a nerd in hs so I know nobody where others have had a head start of 2 years to form groups.
A lot of people in my class already seem to be established or in fraternities and involved and I'm kind of on the outside, in some of my classes people start talking right away and sometimes I try to join in but I just don't know what they are talking about or I get pretty much butted out of the conversation, I really don't want to graduate with no friends or never having a girlfriend, I'm actually kind of scared because if i can't get a girlfriend here where I'm surrounded by females my age everywhere, how the hell am I possibly going to get one when I finish college and my days consists of work etc and not meeting as many people my age, to add I do not drink and I do not like clubbing, it's just not my thing and I'm not really looking for a one night stand, how's a guy suppose to get a girlfriend when I keep getting answers saying I don't know you, how the hell am I suppose to be known to them, plus a lot of them already have social circles. Help?


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  • Dude I know being in college surounded by women your age is hard when none seem interested. Honestly this year I did not see any women my age outside of college. Like they were all shopping online.
    What those ladies are doing is basically trying to let you down without saying now. It really sucks huh. Simple your not thier type or they don't like you romantically and want you as a freind. a good guy freind is valuable to a woman thier age.
    Finding a girl to date and works is a numbers game keep trying man don't give up and don't dis pare. Women can tell when a guy is desperate.

    • Yea I know man, I go out and all the women are either in groups or with their boyfriends, I'm trying to figure out where all the single girls our age go out, it seems like they are all at home.

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    • No problem, and you are definitely right, women know when you are worried or a little insecure, it's like the minute they feel you are a little insecure, they are repelled away.

    • Well I would not say that but they definitly notice. With this new girl recently. First two times I was as cool as a pickle talking to her. third time I let doubt cross my mind and I started tripping over my words a bit. Trying to fix it only made it worse. But at least I was cute.

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  • Do you enter to the club that is not for it?
    Club’s name usually have strong meaning as the name say.
    So you should find the right name.
    Although something you expect would happen in it
    But not on the first step

  • You're worrying too much man. Just make friends without expecting "results" and you'll see what happens. Just enjoy your time at college and be yourself.

  • Well sorry but the only bit of advice I can give you is that they're being honest and you need to spend more time trying to get to know them. Are you still kind of a nerd in University?

    • TBH yes, but I don't really want to become someone I'm not because sooner or later, that charade will be found out and then I'll not only be a wannabe but a liar as well.

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    • I am an engineering major so the pool of potential females isn't as large as I would like it to be, so I don't really have that many females with the same interests as I do and the ones that are in my classes are either taken or you have 50 dudes trying to woo one female, I wish that the gender demographics were similar to that of psychology, I have heard that the majority of students in psychology are female but psychology isn't my interesting I wouldn't take a degree just because it is majority of female, that is stupid.

    • Funny I just saw a thing on the news where they are trying to convince high school girls to overcome gender stereotyping and consider a job in engineering, many when pressed seemed up for it. You may find if you go looking outside your classes their are more girls with the same interests than you think.

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