What should I do?

Ok so I liked this girl and her and I both moved away from each other and I never go the chance to tell cause she was dating someone at the time I need you opinion

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  • Even though at one time you Both were not these Two birds of a Feather who could get Together... Now that you are both Moved away from one another, she is probably still Together with the Other.
    I think you Both were these Two ships that once Sailed in the nite but were not meant to dock.
    Move on. It wasn't Meant to be. You now have a New Life and I am sure here, you can Find one day the right Wife.
    Good Life. xx


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  • If you don't try you will never know, this is my life motto, and honestly, I would of regretted a lot of times i didn't try in my life, you should try because you have nothing to loose :)

  • I think u should let it all out and tell her how you feel

  • Tell her how you feel.

    Life's too short to hold back how you feel about someone. It's better to say how you feel, and regret it. Than to hold back how you feel and later regret it, because that'll just leave you with endless questions of
    ". If only" and " what if"


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