Why don't I have a gf?

I'm a nice guys. Never teased any girl in my life


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  • You'll find one when it's time. Just don't go around complaining or announcing you're "a nice guy so you should go out with me". Just because you're nice, doesn't mean you're entitled to a girlfriend. At the end of the day, that's not really being nice.

    • I'm not announcing.. if you didn't notice this is not my name.. and no dp.. so it is kind of anonymous

    • I'm talking about saying anything along the lines of that in general. Regardless of whether it is anonymous or not.

    • I never said that too anyone.. I posted it here only coz I thought I could some genuine reasons... what can I improve and stuff

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  • Mainly bad luck
    Being nice is an advantage.. not the other way around
    Go out more and do some activities
    The key point of getting girls is not your looks or money, it's your mindset and personality


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  • that's the problem.
    but that is the only thing which makes your different and better from others.

    not having a girlfriend... can mean many thing...

    well wait for the right person

    good things take good time

  • Too shy. It's impossible these days to meet a woman in the real world if you are shy guy.

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