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So, there's this guy I've liked for a really long time but haven't had the guts to actually start anything as we live really far apart. Takes 10 hrs to travel. I crave human contact a lot since I never really got much of it growing up and I don't want to ruin a LDR because of it. I just found out that he likes me too and I really don't know what to do. He has this amazing smile that can light up my day no matter how bad I feel and he has a really amazing personality. I would be really happy for some advice.


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  • Okay so you can't work up the courge to immediately say you love the guy, send him emotes 💝💙💞💖💘💘 to get his attention, if he asks what they mean, counter with "guess" and go from there you want him to guess that you like him and all you have to do is say yes. Problem is that you are long distance 10 hours away and it may hurt your relationship since you can't always hold and see each other. Yet these relationships do work you just need to talk a hell of a lot to keep it alive.


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