So I've been texting this girl a lot, and she's been wanting to hangout, but she has a boyfriend she didn't tell me about? Will the boyfriend be pissed?

Let's say I told him about it, that his girlfriend wants to hang out and is texting me late at night and flirting with me in person, will he be mad?

What if I joked around about it in front of him and his girl; like 'what's up with your girl hitting on me?'


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  • yup he would pretty much get mad, if you're good friends though you might wanna think about telling him this straight up and if you're not I'd suggest avoiding trouble I. e stop talking to the girl mate.

    • Will he feel like a loser? What would the guy and girls reaction be if the other guy was cocky about it?

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    • And what would be like the immediate reaction among other people if guy A walks into hi where the girl and her boyfriend are with other people, and he asks wtf is up with his girl texting him all the time and hitting him up at 2 and 3 in the morning? Would people laugh and call her a whore and her boyfriend a loser or what?

    • Also let's say the other guy is way better looking and better dressed than the boyfriend and he knows it, will the other guy feel immediately insecure?

  • Would you be pissed if you had a girlfriend that did that?
    I know I would and chances are her boyfriend will be as well.

    • What if the other guy was really cocky and dismissive? Would the girl feel like an asshole?

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    • She wouldn't care if some guy called the both of them out in front of other people?

    • I misunderstood what you were saying.
      That is something I personally would not do, why bring drama on to yourself?

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