Would you date Seto Kaiba?

Would you date Seto Kaiba?Info:
1. Loves his little brother
2. Drove his step father into committing suicide so he could take his company
3. Owner of a fortune 500 company dedicated to making children's card games as realistic as possible.
4. Obsessed with children's card game
5. God complex
6. Is not above sending his special task force security to kidnap people for him.
7. Is obsessed with beating a long dead Egyptian pharaoh because he kicked his ass in a children's card game while possessing the body of a 14 year old boy.
8. Spent billions on a space tower with the most advance a. i. possible for the sole purpose of solving a puzzle that he believe would bring the dead pharaoh back.
9. Has created futuristic hologram technology that can recreate the personality, behaviour and skill level of someone you played against in the past.
10. Create future technology that can resist Ancient Egyptian reality warping magic.
11. Creates a freaking time machine using said ancient reality warping magic with his tech... all to play fucking children card games with an ancient pharaoh.
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