Is it ok to meet with other guy while dating someone for 4 times?

I went on dates with a guy for 4 times and had sex once.
Suddenly today another guy asked me out, honestly I do want to meet up and know him better.

The 1st guy and I are not exclusive, I dont think we even count boyfriend and girlfriend yet. But we had sex after all, I would still kinda feel bad if I go meet the other guy.

What would you do? Thanks


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  • Well it wouldn't be cheating as you're not exclusive. However, since you've had 4 dates with the first guy and already had sex with him. You might wanna see where it's heading and see what both of your intentions are.

    I once was seeing a girl and by the 3rd date. She invited me to her place and right before we had sex, she had me go into her bedroom and there was a condom wrapper in bed. She acted like it was somehow my fault, cancelled future plans, and blocked me from social media.

    • Thanks for sharing. That was strange of her to acted like that.

    • No problem. Yeah that was bullshit. I mean if the roles were reversed and I did that to some girl I invited over, she'd fucking flip. Rightfully so. I mean there's no double standard to this. Both genders doing it is equally disgusting.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • No you're fine like you said you and that guy aren't exclusive. Who knows maybe he is dating someone on the side too


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