Explain to me please?

So I know guys and girls meet on dating sites made for hooking up. But if you're hooking up with someone for 2-4 years how are the emotions kept in check? Is there really such a thing as just sex and not meaning anything? How is one or both not catching feelings? I could understand if it was a few months but I'm talking 2-4 years.


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  • i was in a f-w-b situation for 2 years and never caught feelings.

    why? i was in a bad place when my previous relationship ended and i didn't want the burden of an emotional relationship. this was easy sex with no emotional commitment or investment required on my end.

    when i had worked through my issues and was ready for a relationship again, i ended it with my f-w-b.


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  • yeah there is but some times it can be more too one person more than the other if there expecting something the other isn't ready to give or wanting to give which can lead to arguments and stuff.

  • I don't know I get feelings for every woman I'm with so I don't do friends with benefits just casual hookups


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