Is she confused about what she wants?

I met this girl about 6 months ago. I met her through a book club and the next day I received a message (through meetup) from her saying it was really nice to meet me. I responded that it was nice to meet her. She gave me her number and said I could call/text her or message her on Meetup. I messaged on Meetup for a week during which I asked her if she wanted to get coffee. She did. So we met up for coffee and it went well. She had an extremely nervous vibe though which I now know is just part of who she is. (She's dropped hints about bad relationships and I know she was stalked over a year so I think she's recovering from all that). We hung out one on one a lot and we went out to dinner a few times. And I just became uncertain if we were entering into something other then friendship. I would be the one to initiate a lot of the texting and communications and she would always reciprocate and would seem genuinely interested, but still would never initiate. She would only initiate if I didn't text her for a week or two. She would also only hang out for an hour or two and then say something to the effect of "I don't want to hold you up" which after awhile got a little annoying because it didn't feel direct and I would tell her that I enjoyed hanging out, and if she needed to go that was alright. Eventually I asked her if she considered what we were doing to be dating and she said I was a great guy and she wasn't dating right now, but really wanted to be friends. I was alright with that. During the last few months, I've noticed things. She has said I should come over to her house but never followed up on it. And more recently she wished me Happy Valentines Day when none of my other female friends did. And she's started opening up to me slowly. I don't want to revisit the dating question because she made it pretty clear before where she stood and I genuinely like her as a friend, but if it turns into something else that would also be fine.

So just found out she's a Libra. I'm a Taurus. This could be very interesting.


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  • Maybe. Or she could be recovering from smemthing and just really not ready for the next step yet.

    • I'm a Taurus and my Best Friend/ sister is a Libra.

  • Yeah she is


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